It is the announced intention of the professionals to remove “cussing” from the game. Even every little “Damn” is to be taboo. As a matter of fact the movement, glorious as it may be in conception, seems to us to be unnecessary at least, for the numerous open tournaments, we have observed, always have been particularly free from any objectionable features. The pro’s do not offend. Why should they wax profane? They don’t miss enough shots to get heated to the degree of profanity. No sir, the shot is over the heads of the pro’s and finds lodgment in the vitals of the good old duffer, who knows plenty reasons for some A1, first class, top-notch cussing. Can anyone with a sure half in 8 in plain sight, shank or top a mashie approach and as his mutilated ball goes writhing off through the rough like a wounded snake, be expected to confine a bursting vocabulary to a colorless Tut, Tut?

Here is an opportunity for the true artistry in expressing the agony of a breaking heart, a soul bowed down. Must such a one be deprived of the opportunity of broadcasting to the four winds sweeping over several hundred acres, or shall he bottle it up, take it home, and in the more private circle around the fireside, uncork it for the benefit of his children? If you may not cuss on a golf course where in hell can you?



By. A.B. FROST in 1897