Essex County CC


The very rough sketch shows a recent type which will permit the "sloggers" to let into their drives with all they possess, with the certain knowledge that they will be rewarded.  A hole similar to this is to be found on the new course of Essex County County Club although it differs somewhat from the sketch.  Let us assume that the hole measures close to 300 yards, a very satisfying drive for anyone.  For most players it is a two-shotter.  If the long carry of 180 yards is made over the the pit to the fairway on the Flat B, which slopes slightly up to the green, a fairly easy running approach remains.  If the shorter carry to the fairway on Flat A is taken, a difficult pitch has to be made.  But a very long drive to Fairway B will get the green, for it will be helped by the slope, which extends along the right.  But it will be observed that such a drive must be not only long but exceedingly accurate as well, in order that it may strike exactly right to gain the run to the entrance of the green which opens to it.  The placement of the side pits and hollows is obvious.  The construction of the the natural-looking mound to the right of the green, and sloping gently to it, lends considerable variety

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