Lakewood CC was the scene for the 4th general meeting of the Tillinghast Association on Saturday, September 30 2006.

The meeting went off without a hitch, despite the threat of heavy rain.  The day started with a Trade Fair conducted by the Golf Collectors Society.  A stableford golf competition commenced at 12:30 pm.  Green Superintendent, Jim Noelle had the Lakewood course tuned-up and in top condition.  The course has been undergoing a restoration master plan by noted golf architect, Stephen Kay, who was competing in the field.   Several hickory competitors also were in the field.  Some fine scores were posted by Simon Witty, the medalist, with John Yerger and Rick Jenkins close on his heels.  Shortly before the scheduled 6:00 pm cocktail party, two foursomes were still on the course coming up the 18th.  The sky darkened, and as the clock struck six, a thunder clap rolled across the fairways and the deluge began.  Our President, Bob Trebus was in the final group on 18, with Helene Thoman, Simon Witty and Dave Pryor.  Trebus said, “It seemed as if Ken Stofer was with us in spirit for the day, but as was Ken’s way about promptness and order, when I heard the thunder I thought Ken was announcing from above, that golf was officially over and it was now time for cocktails!”

The cocktail party and dinner were Grand.  After dinner, the assembled enjoyed a video tribute to Ken Stofer, which was produced by Dave Cleveland.  Ken’s wife Ann, daughter Nancy and other friends and family were most appreciative of the tribute.  The evening was capped off by an informative and entertaining slide show on Tillinghast golf architecture and restoration work by Stephen Kay.  Kay discussed many of the features of Tillinghast courses and noted that “Tillinghast’s may be one of the most creative golf architects of all time.”  Kay talked about one of his favorite Tillinghast features – the “Great Hazard” or cross bunkering found on many of Tilly par-5s.  Kay restored the great hazard on Lakewood’s  6th hole.  Coincidently, this writer witnessed Kay’s undoing on this same hole earlier in the day, when his second shot failed to clear the great hazard, a series of compounding errors followed and a big number was posted on the card.  Kay proved that the restored Great Hazard at Lakewood is quite effective.