Get ’Em Up

A week or two since, we encountered an aged caddie, a full-blooded American Indian up at Kanawaki, near Montreal. He glories in the name of Dominick and proudly parades the course in borrowed plumes, the discarded raiment of his employers. Dominick shows “gaudy” but talks not so much. However, when he speaks he covers much wisdom in few words. Incidentally he says exactly what he thinks.

James Buchanan, former president of the club, told us of an experience when Dominick was carrying for him in one of the Kanawaki tournaments. Hole after hole found his ball short of its mark, until Dominick, who had remained stoically silent, suddenly shouted: “Get ’em up, Jimmy!” Whereupon James Buchanan started in to get ’em up, to win.

Old Dominick’s cry might well echo throughout the world of golf: “Get ’em up, Jimmy!” If you will observe carefully play generally, by duffer and crack alike, you will be amazed to make count of shots that fall short. Few get up to the cup or well up on the green’s carpet. Is it because our golfers underclub because of pride? Is it self-flattery when they resort to a short iron when a stronger club should be used? Is it a sort of “Keeping up with the Jones’s” proclivity? We are inclined to believe, however, that it is just a bad habit that is becoming chronic and epidemic.

So shout loud, old Dominick, that all may hear, “Get ’em up, Jimmy!”