140 Yards To Reach This Green

Segregated Fairways

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and description

Double Dog-Leg Hole

A Green Slightly Sloping Away With The Shot

A Green Conceived To Take A

185-Yard Iron

An Interesting Use of Oblique Design

The Rear Guard Green

The Reef Hole

A Worthy Hole Blinds a Weak Drive

Hole Design Sketches

The Alps at Shawnee


Essex County

Double Greens

St. Davids

14h Shawnee

Sans Sand Pits

Teeing Grounds for Two-Shotters

14th at San Antonio CC

17th at Shackamaxon

Old York Island Hole

11th Fort Sam Houston

10th at Brackenridge

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Making the Most of the Tee

Friendly Traps

St. Petersburg, FL

Spring Lake

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