An art critic writes of a recent exhibit of Ingwersen's work:

While Ingwersen's watercolors cover a wide range of subjects, he excels in the depiction of golf courses. That is where his heart lies, and in this viewer‘s eyes, there are no bogies in his paintings.

Ingwersen's watercolors are delightful to look at They have a nice sense of color fusion and transparency; qualities that are attainable only with watercolor media. His handling of the reflection of light on the water surfaces of puddles, ponds, oceans, and streams is dramatic and evokes no ordinary mood

Sam is one of the world’s finest golf watercolor artists. Sam was honored as "Artist of The Year for Golf Expo 91" at a golf art exhibition held in Charleston, SC with thirty top international golf artists from the United States and Great Britain. Ingwersen’s watercolor paintings may be viewed at his studio or at his gallaries. For more information visit his web site

Samuel Ingwersen, Golf Artist,
Paints Bethpage Black

Number 4 Black

Number 5 Black

Number 7 Black

Number 18 Black

Samuel Ingwersen, born in Aurora, Illinois, moved to Middletown, Ohio where he grew up, went to school, worked in the steelmill, and played golf Sam received his training in watercolor painting while pursuing his architectural degrees at Miami University and Cornell University. He was co-captain of the golf team at Miami U., the MAC champion. While at Miami U. he met a nice girl who liked to shag balls, Frances Robinson, and married her. Sam and Frances live in Bexley, Ohio near their three sons and two daughters-in-law. Sam is currently the principal of an architecture practice in Columbus, Ohio.

He was only eight when his father gave him his first set of golf clubs. This was the beginning of his interest in golf Sam has found an intriguing affinity of golf to painting. Both are forms of recreation. Both possess a quality known as "simulation" in the science of games, whereby, with the stroke of a club or a brush, one may attain an altered, heightened or an extended sense of reality; a high, in non-scientific terms.