Friday October 27 — Sunday October 29

By all accounts the second annual meeting of the Tillinghast Association and the Golf Collectors Society was a resounding success. Great thanks was given for the beautiful sunny weather with the fall foilage at its peak. Tillie and GCS members came from as far as Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina and Ohio for the big event.

On Friday evening, Charlie Kirkwood, owner of the Shawnee Inn & Golf Resort hosted a coctail reception in the Tillinghast Library. In appreciation of Charlie's hospitality and his dedication of the Library last year, the Association presented the Library a portrait of A.W. Tillinghast, which was painted by Paul Dillon, a member of Winged Foot. Doug Smith the historian for Winged Foot provided a background on Paul Dillon's credentials in the art world. A beatiful Saturday October morning heard the firing of the shotgun at 8:15 AM, followed shortly by the swing of hickory and steel golf clubs. A mens and womens division competed for medals minted by Alex Kirkwood & Sons of Edinburgh, Scotland. Michael Fay had his hickory sticks in good form and easily defended his Hickory division championship, which he had won last year. Richard Harris was also on form and took the low net in the Hickory division. Scott Wolffe took low gross in the steel division. Alas, none of the fairer sex did battle with the Hickories, although they did display good play with the steel. The low gross medal was won by Lisa Hutchins; and Monica Fay was on her game and took the medal for low net.

A Collectibles Trade Fair was held that afternoon and some fine golf antiques were on display for some light trading. Later that evening, all enjoyed a tasty dinner buffet followed by enertaining presentations by golf architect Richard Mandell and Golf Video Producer Bruce Smith. The weekend came to a close with a good time held by all and commitments to meet again next year.

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