In my humble opinion the green to the three-shot hole must be beyond the range of any player who misses either his drive or second stroke.

Dog-legging enables us to accomplish this.  But the most effectual method, and I believe the only satisfactory one, is the location of a truly

formidable hazard across the fairway.  This must be carried with the second shot if the green is to be gained with third.  Obviously this break in the fairway must be great, let us say 100 yards, for it not only has to be crossed with the second, but it also must keep any shot short of it from

getting home.  Refer to the rough sketch, and in it there will be found the

idea of the three-shot hole in which the great hazard is a prime factor. --

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17th Lower at Baltusrol

7th at Pine Valley

4th at Bethpage

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The Great Hazard

6th Lakewood CC.

Reinstated by Golf Architect

Stephen Kay